The foundation of happiness is simple enough to understand. For some people it’s doing what they love or meeting the right person, and for others it’s having independence. Sometimes people have to make difficult decisions to see someone else’s happiness and full potential reached, but when we see it pay off, it makes happiness work both ways.

Meet Maggie, who lives at CDS Monarch’s Janes Road supported apartments. Maggie’s journey to independence began when her mother, Sue, thought it would be best for Maggie to try living on her own. After all, Maggie’s siblings had all moved on to establish their lives, so why shouldn’t Maggie have the same opportunity? So Maggie was put on a residential waitlist.

Four years later, in January 2009, Sue and Maggie were presented with an opportunity. “We got really lucky,” Sue said. One space opened up at CDS Monarch’s Limerock residence. At first, Maggie was reluctant to leave the comforts of home she was accustomed to. But not long after moving in, Maggie grew to love the staff and her housemates. The Limerock staff helped Maggie learn to do her laundry and administer her own medication. They helped her to realize her own potential; that she can be independent, she just needed a little guidance. In fact, the skills she learned in her new home helped Maggie be more successful at work.

Then, in 2015, Maggie was presented with another opportunity: the chance to live on her own in one of CDS Monarch’s supported apartments. She weighed her options at first, until one of her housemates, Chrissy, came to her. Chrissy offered encouragement to Maggie, helping her to realize how great living on her own would be. By living independently, Maggie had the opportunity to make happiness work in many ways.

In October 2015, Maggie moved into Janes Road where she lives in her own apartment but still has support. “I like it,” she said. Maggie has learned to budget her money, maintain a clean home, and is now learning to cook. She said it was scary at first, and she was nervous but excited. “I am proud of her for making this decision,” Sue said. “Her happiness is what is most important to me.”

Now, Maggie is living an independent life with the skills necessary to be successful. She participates in Special Olympics, playing basketball and bowling, and she wants to try soccer and bocce. She’s also looking forward to going on a trip with her housemates. She said she loves having her own place and has a lot of good memories from her time at Limerock, and she is looking forward to making new memories in her new home.

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