Create an Event

How do I “Create my own event”?

For those looking to host a 3rd Party Fundraising event to benefit the CDS Wolf Foundation, this page is for you! We want to make sure you have a strong fundraising foundation and that means understanding where to start and how to CREATE YOUR OWN EVENT. Check out some of our best fundraising references below and you’ll reach your fundraising goal before you know it.

Fundraising Event Ideas

Golf Tournament - Does your company or a group you specialize with have a big golf community or work closely with companies who have a lot of golfers? Golf tournaments are a great way to build stronger relationships with your partners/clients as well as raise money for a great cause.

Game night - There are many great games.  You could do the traditional board games Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary or do a Wii Challenge.  Each person is charged an entrance fee and let the games begin!

Car Wash - You will clean up on this event!   Ask a local store/gas station or find a popular crossroad that you could set up your car wash. This is a great idea to do on the weekends, especially in the summer.

Garage Sale - this can be done individually or in a group. Ask your family and neighbors if they want to join in.  Be sure to put an ad in the paper, pass out flyers and hang a lot of directional signs. Many local papers will publish free ads for garage sales in that town. Be sure to list that your garage sale if benefitting the CDS Wolf Foundation. When people know the proceeds are going to charity they will be less likely to bargain on the price.

Used Book Sale - New or Used a great book never gets old!  Ask you friends, family, and neighbors to donate their old books, and set up a weekend book sale in your front yard.

Who Do I Ask to Donate to my Event?

For your event to be a success, you need people to come out and support you.  The first step is whom can you ask for donations? First start by making a list, ask your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors and we have added below some suggestions of potential donors that you may want to reach out to. *Sponsorships are a great way to raise money at events like a golf tournament.

Check off the list of potential donors at you may ask to help your fundraising event. 

Whom do I know by Profession?

Optometrist______________________              Physical Therapist__________________

Physician (Family) ________________              Physician (OB‐GYN) _______________

Veterinarian______________________             Accountant_______________________

Spin/Gym Instructor_______________               Architect_________________________

Attorney_________________________             Chiropractor______________________

Dentist___________________________            Electrician________________________

Financial Planner__________________             Nurse____________________________


Who do I know at…?

Camp____________________________             Place of Worship___________________

Clinic____________________________              Golf Course_______________________

Health Club______________________               Hospital__________________________

Hotel____________________________              Restaurant________________________

School___________________________              School – College__________________

Volunteer Group__________________               My parent’s friends_________________

People from past jobs_____________                Play sports with___________________

Sorority/fraternity friends_________                   Children’s friends’ parents____________

Facebook “friends”________________              

Six Easy Steps to Raising $1,000

This may be the first time you’ve participated in a fundraising event. We’d like to show you just how simple it can be. Follow these six easy steps, and you’ll be well on your way.

Have you set a higher goal for yourself than $1,000? Great! Simply adjust the minimum donation amount you’re asking of each potential donor, and/or increase the number of people you’re going to ask.

1. Donate to yourself. It all begins with you! $50 
2. Ask 4 family members to donate $50 each. $200 
3. Ask 14 friends (and other family members) to donate $25 each. $350 
4. Ask 10 co‐workers to donate $25 each. $250 
5. Ask your boss for a company contribution of $60. $60 
6. Ask 6 neighbors to donate $15 each. $90

TOTAL $1,000

Add just 4 more steps to reach $1,500!

Now that you’ve raised $1,000, you know just how easy it is. So, why not increase your goal? Here are four easy steps to raise an additional $500.

1. Ask 5 local businesses you frequent to donate $25 each. $125 
2. Ask 5 members of an organization to which you belong to donate $10 each. $50 
3. Host a community fundraising event (book sale, garage sale, car wash, etc.). $200 
4. Ask your doctor, lawyer, etc. to donate $25 each. $125

TOTAL $1,500

Add ONE more step to raise another $500 to reach $2,000!

Use Social Media like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. Send a blast and share what you are doing. Ask 25 friends for $20! It’s that easy…$500 more in fundraising. Try choosing a different group of 20 friends to target each week.

TOTAL $2,000

How do People Find out About My Event?

Email and Social Network Campaign

The CDS Wolf Foundation will gladly help you spread the word about your event and fundraising efforts.

Important to Remember!

Thank your donors! Kindness is contagious and you really can’t thank enough. You can also encourage them to forward your email to their contacts to help you’re fundraising campaign.

Please contact us at the CDS Wolf Foundation at 585.347.1205 and we will be happy to help make your event a success!