Finding Home

A letter from Nora Kiefer, CDS Monarch family member:

Daily, I am a wife to my husband, Tom, a mother to our three children - Erik, Michael, and Brooke. For Brooke, I had to be much more than just her mother. I was her case manager, her nurse, and her teacher—while trying to be her friend.

Brooke lives with Asperger’s Syndrome, a developmental disorder that affects her ability to effectively socialize and communicate. She also has an enzyme deficiency that prevents her from taking medication for her anxiety, depression and behavioral issues that she hasn’t quite learned how to manage. Neither could her father and I. Her illnesses affect her ability to understand the role dynamics of relationships among family and friends. As one might imagine, this began to affect our entire household.

When God gave Brooke to us, Tom and I agreed that we would do everything we could to stay together and give her whatever she required to flourish in life. More than anything, I just wanted to be Brooke’s mother and alleviate the other roles. Eventually, we decided to explore alternative care options for the sake of doing what was best for Brooke and our family.

We visited a number of programs around Monroe County. For one reason or another, none of the programs that we had come across gave us the satisfaction that would meet Brooke’s needs. We weren’t looking for a “group home” for Brooke. Rather, we were looking for a place that she could call “her own.” One that would give her what she needed to become independent and successful.

Then we found CDS Monarch.

Brooke moved into a home in Webster on Hardwood Lane. It has been everything that our family needed and more - a safe, clean environment with caring and committed staff who advocate for our daughter. Both the direct care staff and the on-site nurses have become a vital part of Brooke's care team. I cannot begin to describe the stress this has relieved.

Transitioning Brooke into her new home has brought our family closer. We attend church and have dinner together on Sundays. CDS Monarch gave Brooke a loving home we all can trust, and it gave us all what we needed to move forward as a family.

For our family, CDS Life Transitions means many things - family, support and everything in between. What they provide is above and beyond what they receive in funding. As we enter the season of thanks and giving, we ask that you consider a gift to the CDS Wolf Foundation. Your donation helps people, like us, to get the support they need to live fulfilling lives.

Nora Kiefer’s story is all too familiar to so many families whose lives are touched by the financial support you provide. We thank her for sharing her story, we thank you for helping us help others.