June 23, 2011 – Webster, NY – Cambridge Pavers Inc. has donated Pavingstones to CDS for the installation of a new sensory garden at the Wolf Life Transitions Center.  Mulcahy’s Landscape and Design, LLC. has donated the labor for building the new garden, which will take place on Thursday, June 23rd.  CDS has purchased a number of sensory plants that individuals from the Blended Creative Opportunities program will plant in the garden, along with help from several staff and volunteers.

Sensory gardens are designed as therapeutic tools to stimulate the five senses of those in its surroundings. These gardens allow individuals to see, smell, touch, hear and even taste different things in the garden. The sensory garden is important for individuals with developmental disabilities, especially those who may have a visual or hearing impairment, as they can enjoy nature and utilize the garden to stimulate their senses. Sensory gardens are also beneficial to individuals with autism who may have heightened senses allowing them to enjoy a soothing environment in which they can discover and stimulate their senses. Sensory gardens also encourage individuals to go outside and enjoy nature while they help with maintaining the garden and learn about plants and how they grow. 

The individuals at CDS take great pride when working in the garden and have a sense of accomplishment when they see their plants and vegetables grow and thrive.  They also enjoy decorating the garden to make the it more visually appealing. 

For over 30 years, CDS has been a leader in offering both quality and choice of services to people. CDS provides residential, employment, and day-habilitation services, service coordination and transition services  to 1,500 people with disabilities throughout Monroe and Wayne County.   Most recently, CDS started the Warrior SALUTE program helping Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder regain their lives with clinical and vocational rehabilitation services.  To learn more about CDS visit www.cdsunistel.org.