Planned Giving

Planned giving provides options by which individuals can make a donation to the CDS Wolf Foundation through an estate or through gifts that generate income during the donor's lifetime.

While the benefits of an outright gift can be derived immediately, a planned gift is a charitable contribution that is realized by the CDS Wolf Foundation in the future, usually upon the death of the donor.

During the donor's lifetime, this alternative enables the donor to provide for - and sometimes enhance - their own financial security and that of loved ones while still making a generous contribution. In addition, planned giving offers substantial benefits to the donor in the form of tax deductions, professional management of assets and possible increased income.

Donors who select planned giving make an impact on the lives of many.

Planned giving options available through the CDS Wolf Foundation include:

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*Please contact your professional tax or financial advisor and attorney to learn how the general information provided relates to your individual circumstances. Any and all charitable gifts should be made in the legal corporate name of the CDS Wolf Foundation, Inc.