Pooled Income Fund

The CDS Wolf Foundation has established third and first party pooled income trust accounts that are maintained for each beneficiary by the CDS Wolf Foundation for purposes of investment and management of trust funds. The CDS Wolf Foundation is a co-trustee of the Pooled Trust and will pool all accounts together to manage them collectively.

These trusts are established and intended to provide, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Trustee, supplemental goods and series for beneficiaries of the trust, in addition to any government benefits for which they may be eligible. 

Rather than incur the expense of an attorney and trustee (typically a bank) to establish their own trust, families can join the CDS Wolf Foundation Pooled Special Needs Trust. The funds provided by participating families and or individuals are pooled for investment to reduce risks and costs. Each individual benefiting from the trust receives a pro rata share based on their family's contributions, with payouts subject to the approval of the CDS Wolf Foundation Trust Committee.

The CDS Wolf Foundation has established Third and First Party Pooled Income Trusts for the sole benefit of individual beneficiaries who are defined disabled pursuant to Section 1614(a) of the Social Security Act or for whom a Supplemental Needs Trust may be established.